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When measuring your opening, you want to measure from the outside of the opening.  Measure the width, then the height and round to the nearest inch.  When placing your order, please note any obstructions.  Call us if you have any questions about how to measure your windows: 340-772-0030.

How to Measure Your Openings for Hurricane Shutters

On a sheet of paper, draw an outline of the building and number the openings.  Associate that opening number with the measurement.  Then note the size from the quote for that opening.  This will make it easier to install the shutter when it arrives.


Measure using inches only.


Measure from where the opening starts and the wall stops.


Measure width, then height.

Measure across the top, across the bottom and across the middle for variance and use the larges dimension for both the width and height.


Round the measurement up to the closest 1/4".


Measure the distance from the top of the opening to ceiling.


Check for obstructions around the openings.  This includes air conditioner pipes and cables.  Also note any windows, door handles or other objects that protrude beyond the wall surface.


If you have multiple openings within 8 inches of each other, measure the distance and note it on the measurement form.


Correct way to measure your window's rough opening.
Incorrect way to measure your window's rough opening.

When measuring doors, note on on the form that the opening is a door.  Be sure to measure the opening all the way to the floor.

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